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I'm a practicing attorney working in the New York-Metro area as a sole practitioner. "Law Levels Up" is the meeting between two of my favorite things: the video games and legal analysis. Yeah I'm pretty cool.

What I hope I can do on this blog is contribute in my own small way to what I think needs to happen for a future where innovation and creativity can both flourish: We need a meeting of the minds between the Ivory Tower of copyright and the people who actually use these protected creations as part of their lives. The average American has never been more submerged in questions of copyright and fair use than they are right now, but the law is still not being written in a way that this person can know if what they're doing is okay. I know I can't answer all those questions, but what I think I can do is put information out there and maybe give people outside of the legal world the change to get some good conversation going. Naturally my master plan is to do this through stupid jokes, weird analogies that will often involve food, and stories about how bad I am at video games. Naturally.

One thing I don't want to do with this blog is give legal advice. None of the stuff you're reading is advice, you hear me? It's all analytical and based on facts that, no matter how much you might think are similar to a situation you might be in, are not your situation. Seriously, if you're looking for legal advice on a blog that includes this image -

- you might want to rethink your choices.

Cool? Cool. Let's learn some stuff.

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