Monday, September 21, 2015

Sorry about the lack of post today

I had a post topic all ready to go, and it's mostly written out, but a pretty huge wrench got thrown into my plans.

Right around the time of day I'd be finishing up, something happened that really knocked the wind out of me.

Our neighborhood had a gray and white stray cat that roamed between houses for food and shelter from the rain. Every family seemed to have a different name for him. Over the last couple years he'd mostly stuck around our house. He'd get dinner here every night, hung out on our porch when the weather wasn't great, and was a pretty awesome buddy for our indoor-outdoor cat. He didn't like staying inside for too long, but one of the local families had hung onto him long enough to get his shots and have him neutered. He had the best of both worlds

But now he's gone.

Some moron hit him with a car and just left him there. Just left our buddy on the side of the road. We picked him up and we're going to give him as much love at the end as we did when he was still alive. I'm going to miss his goofy crossed eyes, his squeaky howl-meow, and his big fluffy tail. I'm gonna miss him sitting belly-up on our deck for hours at a clip. I already miss our buddy.

I'm just not in the head-space to write about benefit corporations and Kickstarter. I just want to be sad right now and miss my weird, squeaky, transient kitty friend.

Bye bye, Frenchie/Pedro/Poirot/Eddard Wolfcat, Lord of Wintermeow. It hasn't even been a day and I already miss you.

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