Friday, August 21, 2015

Brief: The Ashley Madison Hack

I don't really know why everyone thinks somehow that the leak is going to lead to a bunch more divorce lawyers making huge amounts of money. Divorce law is basically just spreadsheets, and in the real world you don't see infidelity make that much of a swing in settlement payouts.

As a matter of fact, since you can't take contingency fees on divorces, lawyers can really only do flat fee or hourly billing if they think it's going to get complicated. Even with the hourly billing, the complications caused by Ashley Madison use probably aren't going to add a significant amount of time to the paperwork .

Oh and then there's the admissibility of the hacked information! Would you even be able to use it? It's an interesting question. Could you really consider something that came to public light through an illegal hack to be "authentic" according to the evidentiary rules? And what about that criminality element? That's probably something lawyers can spend weeks arguing about.

Oh! Oh I get the joke now! The fact that attorneys might spend thousands of client dollars on trying to introduce barely relevant evidence for which there is no precedent of admissibility means they're going to make a bunch of money! Haha! Jokes!

....that was it, right? I got it?

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